As I write this, I’ve been delivering cookies now for well over a year, and if I’ve ever met you chances are I’ve talked your ear off about Single Girl Cookies 🙂  Because of that, I feel like everybody must know everything about how this works, or at least be able to read my mind and know everything about Single Girl Cookies.  Somehow, that’s not true (whaaa?!), so I thought I’d take this opportunity to answer some questions I am frequently presented with.  So I’d now like to present to you, my Frequently Asked Questions page!

1. So, do you just go to places that you like?

No.  I make my weekly drops only at places that are recommended via the chain of places I’ve previously been to.

2. Oh great!  Well, I’ve got some recommendations for you, I really think you should bring cookies to that new place on 35th, they’re really awesome there and have the best baklava! 

Again, thanks, I’m glad they are awesome, and I will have to try them out at some point (baklava is so totally my favorite), but I cannot visit them as a weekly drop unless that is where the place last week has decided to send me to.  I wish I could touch every deserving life with cookies and say “thank you for being you” to them all. Instead, I like to turn it around and suggest to the suggestor that perhaps they take that as an opportunity to do something nice for those people they think are deserving.  Let’s get this kindness started, people!

3. As long as it’s recommended by your previous drop, you’ll go anywhere?

Well, that’s not quite true.  I will visit anywhere as long as it’s not a private residence or a place I’ve visited before as a weekly drop, and it does not have to be a business in the strict sense.  One guy got pretty upset with me because I wouldn’t go to his mother’s house for my weekly delivery, but sent me to the church his mother attends instead.  I get going on restaurant runs sometimes where I’m visiting week after week of restaurants and bars, and then some people think I can only go to food establishments.  Nope, I’ll go anywhere, as long as you’re new to Single Girl and it’s not a personal home.

4. You really made these??

Yes, I really made the cookies that I give away every week and really make (from scratch) everything else I churn out.

5. These are delicious cookies!  You have to give me the recipe!

Would that I could, but I can’t.  The famous Single Girl Cookies are also the famous Heitmann Cookies of Penn Yan fame; secret family chocolate chip cookie recipe.  The “soft in the middle but crunchy and crispy on the outer edge” combined with the “just perfect amount of saltiness with chocolate” is what makes them delectable, but also secret.  This is why I tweet and Facebook when and where I will be places with cookies!  You are MORE than welcome to come by for your shot at a cookie!  All you have to do is ask!

6. And you don’t want anything for this.  You’re just going from place to place and giving away cookies.  For free.  With no ulterior motive.



Ok, ok, ulterior motive time.  You wanna know why I really do this?  What I really want out of this?  I want a kinder world.  One where we view one another as actual people, not obstacles in our way, rungs on a ladder in our upward climb, or sub-creatures not worthy of eye contact, but as real, live human beings, with thoughts, and hopes, and dreams, and lives of our own, and struggles of our own.  I want consideration.  I want connection.  I want community.  I’ve found this in my own life by doing Single Girl Cookies, now I want that positivity for everyone.  When I leave this world, I want to have made it better by my presence and spirit.  That’s why I give away my cookies.  And believe me, I’ve got a lot more cookies to give 🙂

7. Do you make any money from this?  

I definitely do not!  In fact, most of the funds that fuel my baking come from me, although I do accept donations to help defray the costs of supplies.  And a huge ‘thank you’ to those that donate and have donated; there have been times when it was pay my electric bill or make cookies, and you have kept me going.  100% of any currency I have ever gotten in conjunction with Single Girl Cookies have gone into Single Girl Cookies, with the exception of that Red Cross fundraiser I did in May of 2013.  100% of the proceeds went to the Red Cross.

8.  So then how do you make money?

I’m a singer! (insert cheeky back kicking dance move)

9. Ok, but how do you pay your rent?

That’s really how!  I sing, give private voice lessons, and also audition for shows and whatnot when I see something interesting.  I realize how fluffy it seems that I’m a singer in ‘real life’ and a baker in my other life, but that’s the truth.  I’m fortunate that I’m able to make a living (read: squeak by) doing what I love, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  I’ve been asked this question more than one might think!

10. Single Girl Cookies.  You’re single, right?


11.  What happens when you start dating someone or get married?  Can you still be Single Girl Cookies?  Do you become Married Girl Cookies?

While, yes, I am single, it needs to be said that’s not why I named my project Single Girl Cookies.  My current relationship status has nothing to do with it.  The ‘Single’ is a reference to one, single person being able to make a difference.  We often think it can’t be done with one, but I’m here to disprove that.  One person can make a difference.  Be that one!

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