Love the Ones You’re With

VACATION!!!!  I look forward to this week all year long, from the moment we leave our rental house in the Outer Banks, NC, ’til the moment we step foot up those stairs a year later.  And I gotta tell ya, it never disappoints.  Even this year, which has been unseasonably rainy and grey, we have been having a blast, but that’s because we as a family really love being around one another.  Not just in a “It’s nice to see you, I see you three times a year” way, but in a Sunday dinner every week, everyone involved in everyone else’s lives and business, laughing about something ridiculous until we’re crying kind of way.  And there is plenty to laugh about – we are rather ridiculous.


Just because I’m not in Astoria for a while and on vacation did not mean I could stay away from cookies for that long.  I decided a while back that I would continue the Single Girl Cookies kindness through out my vacation and time at home, but felt like I needed to do two drops here to get that “bake-it-forward” feeling.  So on Tuesday I ventured out to The Pit Surf Shop and Boardriders Grill in Kill Devil Hills a short distance from out rental house.  Now, you know me, I normally would NEVER choose a place on my own.  Even when people ask me for a recommendation of where they should send me, or ask where I live so they can send me somewhere convenient for me, I am adamant about it being their choice.  But, when I asked you guys for suggestions, I really had none, so I had to make a choice judgment call on this one.  I chose The Pit mainly because we took surf lessons there last year and enjoyed their Taco Tuesdays and got $1 tacos.   In my younger days when I went, I also (very much) enjoyed Mug Night that they offer on Thursdays 😉

Single Girl Surfer

And as is our family way, I didn’t make this drop alone!  I had asked my dad to drive me (I have no car down here) and I thought my mom would get a kick out of seeing a live drop in action.  I knew this could be a hit or miss drop (although I had a hunch it would be a hit) because I had to explain what Single Girl Cookies was in the first place, and then explain how that related to why I was standing there in front of them with a plate of freshly homemade cookies.


As I approached the counter, I saw Matt, our surf instructor from last year, and a woman i hadn’t met, Missi.  I explained who I was, what SGC is and why and what I was doing there.  Matt nodded like he remembered me when I pointed and said, “And you gave us surf lessons last year!” I’m sure he did remember us – crazy family, see photo above 🙂


I told them I’d be back in a few days for the plate and a recommendation. and Matt didn’t even wait until I left to dig in.  Missi (VERY sweet, btw) seemed really on board and excited to give a recommendation.  I can imagine they see A LOT of tourists throughout the year and that not all of them may be so nice.  I’ve definitely encountered some cranky and full-of-attitude tourists this year.  Dude, come on, you’re on vacation!  Give it up.


As I was finishing up, my mom happened to see a collection stone turtles for sale.  They were really pretty, and our family has a thing for turtles.  That really came to light when my cousin Bri had a beach flirtation with someone we dubbed Turtle Man – a local kid on summer college break who was working with the wildlife preserve (or something like that) to help the sea turtles with their hatching.  Anyway, as my mother showed me these turtles, I said that part of my thing was to patronize the business (when I could) that I visit because I feel small businesses are what keep this country going, and may I please purchase this turtle?  Missi just slid it across the counter and said, “No, please have it.  You brought us cookies. :)”


Such a kind gesture.  I look upon that turtle and feel a warmth of kindness that it represents to me now.

I stopped in yesterday to pick up my plate and aw Missi again.  She gave me my plate with a note on it (just in case she missed me) and told me to go to Booty Treats on the beach road in Nags Head.  It’s a pirate themed ice cream place – two of my favorite things!  I’m baking up a batch this afternoon then heading over, probably with the fam, for ice cream later.  Rough life, I know 😉  I’ve already had frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog and frozen custard at Kill Devil’s. Not to mention pretzels from Jim’s Soft Pretzel Bakery, breakfast at Stack’em High (smothered hashbrowns will change your life), fresh caught lunch at The Flying Melon, and a hand pressed kale/romaine/celery/parsley/lemon juice from a local juice bar.  Yes, life is rough indeed.


In other amazing SC news, did we all read the Astoria Characters article that Nancy Ruhling wrote for her Huffington Post blog????

It really tells my life story in a nut shell and how I got to this very point in my life.  So, if you’ve ever wanted to know a little bit more about this Single Girl, here’s your chance!  AND, if that weren’t awesome enough, I may have some more exciting news for you in about a week…!!

I’ve tried to make this a shorter post (FAIL), don’t want to miss out on the family fun!  And yes, it is still grey and rainy.  But don’t worry, we’ve eaten enough awesome food here in OBX to last us double our time down here, and we are doing a special family version of Chopped tonight for dinner.  The moms are out shopping for five ingredients for each course right now and I cannot wait to see what our teamwork of minds can come up with!

So, for now, I must be off.  I’ve got some relaxin’ to do.

Renee Heitmann, Copyright 2013


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