The Final Countdown

Na na naaa naaaaaaaaaaaa!  Na na na na na!  In case you didn’t get that, that is the written out synth that plays in my head after I hear the phrase “The Final Countdown”.  I’m pleased to report that that’s what will play in your heads now every time you hear that phrase!  What I’m referring to, of course, is TEDx Utica!!!!  We are now T minus 4 HOURS from the kick off and 5 HOURS from my talk!   There are a thousand people I need to thank and give shout outs to, but my brain is pretty scrambled and focused.  You’re all lucky you’re even getting this out of me today.  And by this, I mean coherent sentences.  I’m trying to save all my verbal language energy for tonight.

So I’m going to make this short.  There is a backlog of things I need to post about, so here’s the short version:

Krave Cafe and Grille – Great spot.  I was sent there by the ladies at Forno Siciliano across the street and met Lenny, owner, originally at Forno.  What a good guy.  He made sure to be there when I dropped off my plate, and was there when I picked it back.  I was leaving town to go upstate to be with my family and had ordered some lunch to go.  We had some really nice conversation while I was waiting and when I got the food in my car to drive to back to my apt, grab a bag and go, I couldn’t even wait to get home to start eating.  It smelled (and was) that good.  My advice:  Go.  Go for brunch.  They have some killer drink special like $10 for unlimited mimosas and bloody marys, but don’t quote me on that.  I just remember that I thought it was a great deal.  And the food is great, the people are great, just GO!

Lenny then sent me to his friends at Venzini, a clothing boutique on Steinway between 30th and 31st Aves.  What a little gem!  I had never been in here before (I am the Salvation Army queen) but was pleasantly surprised by what I saw.  I couldn’t wait to invoke my “being a patron” part of SGC and shop, specifically for something cute for tonight.  I found two shirts, one black and white and one purple (which you’ll see in pictures from tonight) and Jason was the perfect helper in my decision making – i went home with both shirts :)They have trendy, fun clothing, it is decently priced, and I will definitely be back.

They sent me to Esquire across the street where I met Kian, proprietor there.  What a gentlemen’s shop.  You walk in from the crazy of the Steinway and are met with hushed quiet, well displayed jackets, cashmere, leather accessories and elegance.  Kian was quite appreciative of the cookies and the larger gesture of what I’m doing with SGC.  I asked him where he was sending me and he said with a slight bow, “It is your choice”  I had to correct him and make him choose.  My next drop will be at Fantasy, also on Steinway, and i asked him why that place, and he said, “They are good business neighbors, why not?”  Why not, indeed!

The thousand thanks for TEDx Utica go to Ryan, Sara, John, Geoff, Dorothy, Deb, all the partners, sponsors, and supporters.  I’m probably a fool for thinking i could ever thank  everyone that helped make this a reality for me, but a girl can try.  Also, to my SGC peeps, my mom, dad (obvious reasons), sister, bil (coming to see it!), bro, sil, gram (still miss you), aunt, uncle, cousins (your support is awesome), roommate (MAJOR editing help!), Alaina (28 years and counting), Astoria friends (Jenny, Dennis 1 & 2, Liz, Ben, Jen) and again, a bazillion people.  Goodness, I wouldn’t be anywhere were it not for every single person i have met throughout this entire journey that i call my life, the good and the bad.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Important information:  Check out my article in Guideposts for a little background on the girl behind Single Girl Cookies, it came out yesterday!

TEDx Utica will be LIVE STREAMING at starting around 4 and the speaking starts at 5 – and I am first!  So tune in at 5pm for my talk!  Also, if you’re on twitter and tweet using the hashtag #tedxutica, they may project your tweet!  So tweet your support of me, the project or any questions you have for any of the other speakers at TEDX Utica!

See you on the other side!


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