I Make a Pizza

Astorians, some of you have seen the new signs go up outside what used to be A1 Deli on Broadway at 41st saying “Retro Pizza Cafe”, right?  And some of you (like myself who has been on a pizza kick ever since my visit to Milkflower – we’ll get to that) are pretty excited about a new pizza place to come to the neighborhood.  You know, out of all the things we have to offer here, that’s one thing that seems to come up in conversation with other Astorians as something that is lacking about the neighborhood  no true, so good you would swear by it, New York Style pizza joints in the hood.

photo (36)

Well, on my way back form a run, I saw a young gentleman outside of Retro Pizza, cleaning the windows.  I paused, took a step back toward him, and said, “Excuse me, may I ask you a question?” He was very polite and fielded all of my questions I could ask without sounding like a reporter 🙂

I still don’t know a lot about the place, except that they are going to try to open tomorrow (!).  He said that, followed by, “but there’s so much to do to be ready, you know?  We’ll see.”  He told me that his father owns the business, and that he (his father) used to own another food establishment 25 years ago.  They came back from being in Cypress for some time and his father just thought, ‘Let’s open a pizza place.’.  And so they did!  I told him I’d swing by on Thursday to see if they were open and bring them some ‘Welcome to the Neighborhood’ cookies.  Can’t wait to see what it’s all about!


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