No Fear

No Fear.  Do you guys remember that clothing brand?  It was around in the 90’s/early aughts?  Their logo looked like this:


That phrase has become my mantra as of late something I chant in my head (or out loud if no one is home) as I venture down this path of cookie business-dom.

Guys, this is scary.

I’m taking meetings, filing paperwork, making decisions, picking marketing campaigns….all this stuff that is SO foreign to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m SO excited to be walking this path, and I feel it is the right one, but damnit, I don’t speak business and I really don’t want to make any missteps.

Not to mention it is really easy to get overwhelmed.  My site needs major revamping, I need a logo, I’ve still got to figure out where I can make the cookies (certified kitchen space is not cheap) and this is all in addition to the rest of my life.  I’m still singing and teaching voice lessons (and loving it – that still amazes me).  Thankfully, my schedule there is open enough to allow me to take all these meetings and file all this paperwork, but I have to remind myself that i can only take one step at a time.

Rome was not built in a day.  Good for me to remember, because I am planning on building Rome only with cookies.  Sometimes my grand visions get the best of me and then I get overwhelmed with excitement, possibility, and worst of all, fear, prompting me to leave rambling voicemails in friends’ inboxes (sorry JB).  Or, as this case is, write a rambling blog post. 🙂

I guess what I’m saying it, maybe the next time you see me, if you could just say “It’s going to be awesome!”, or “I’ve got your back” or give a comforting smile, I’d really appreciate it.

And stay tuned for a post in the next week, I’ll be telling you all the details so far with how SGC is coming along with being available to you!  For right now, wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug, because it’s really from me.


One comment

  1. Paula DeFilippo · January 9, 2015

    It really IS going to awesome!! Be sure to let your followers help you to spread the word once you are ready to launch your product: FB word of mouth spreads fast!

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