Dirty Laundry

That sounds like a television show, right?  Maybe it’s a new reality series about a dry cleaner to the stars, or perhaps a comedy/drama in the style of Desperate Housewives or Scandal.  And what is it with our society and needing to know other people’s private information??  Some of you may know that I did an interview with ABC this week for a segment that will be airing next week and that got me to thinking – what information do I have out there?  There’s a potential for millions of people to see this and know my name and just what will know know about me?  I’ve never really thought about that, and I doubt many of us are in a position to need to know what others know about us. (follow that?)  Thankfully, I live my life in such a way that there’s nothing embarrassing or potentially negative about me that I could find, unless you count my outfit in this picture:

Back To School
But come on, according to today’s fashion trends, I’m pretty stylish 🙂

Now, I mentioned the interview with ABC, which I will elaborate on in a bit (eek!  So excited to tell you all about it!), but because of that, I did this week’s drop earlier than usual, on Monday instead of Thursday.  So I’ll write about both of those and get back to some sort of normal schedule next week.

In an appropriate turn of events, my drop last week was Lost Sock Laundromat.  Get it?  Dirty Laundry?  Ha ha …ha….  Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week!  Anyway, in a good neighborly fashion, Off the Vine had suggested that I go to Lost Sock next.  They have just completed some renovations that were a long time coming (my former roommate and I used to live at 44th and 30th and he said he’d been talking with the owners about it for years) and the place looks more like a cafe than a laundromat.  There are exposed brick walls, unique light fixtures, and of course, state of the art equipment.  Everyone there was very nice and really seemed to “get” it.  She asked if there was a donation she could give or something else she could do but when I said no, this is all there is to it, she just looked at me and said “God Bless you.” I’d surely say I am.

On Saturday, I got an email from Lauren Glassberg of ABC Channel 7 asking me about my cookies and if there was a time to chat about it.  Apparently, a fellow Upstater that I used to do summer community theater with is a producer for ABC now and suggested that Lauren check out my project!  We spoke on Saturday and set up an interview on Monday for them to come and interview and tape me for a segment to be on the news next week!!  Take a moment and let that sink in, I had to.

Imagine:  NYC has a population of 8.245 million.  This channel is also broadcast to the greater NYC area.  If even a fraction of people watch the 5 o’lock news, there’s a good chance that a million people could see this and learn about SGC!!  That’s the potential for a million deeds of kindness to occur.  This could be a total game changer.

So Monday morning, in the pouring rain, Lauren and Gus came out to Astoria to film me baking and do the interview!  We got shots of me mixing, actually baking, then they wanted to film me doing a drop.  With my classic chocolate chip cookies, btw.  I had gone around the day before to pick up my plate from Lost Sock and get my recommendation early and also to give everyone a heads up.  Lost Sock sent me to Joe’s French Cleaner’s a few blocks down on 30th Ave and 46th Street (also keeping with my theme of dirty laundry – I know, I’m just too good) but when I went to give them a heads up, they were closed.  I also swung by Engine 263 for the same reason, to give them a heads up in case ABC swung by on Monday.  It was great to see my friends again and in true firehouse fashion, Rob says to me, “Have you eaten yet?  Come on back, we’ve got turkey burgers and macaroni salad.”  Who was I to say no? 🙂  We spent the next hour catching up on each other’s lives, hearing about new little league games, and making plans for this zeppole making night, which I swear, WILL happen.

Ok, now fast forward to Monday morning again as Gus the cameraman is filming me walking up to Joe’s French Cleaners in the pouring rain to surprise the lovely folks there.  I met Ivanna who was working there that morning, gave her my spiel, and then let Lauren come in and do a quick little interview!  She was very gracious about everything and I hope enjoyed the cookies! I haven’t been back to pick up my plate yet, but will certainly let you know where my next adventure will be one I know.

After that we stopped into Sorriso’s and got an impromptu interview from Frank, who, poor guy, didn’t know I was coming but still said some really nice things anyway 🙂

Lauren said I could look for this to air early next week and that she would give me about a day’s heads up when it does.

photo (24)

She also said that they would be sending a courier around 2 o’clock on the day that it airs to bring to the studio for the other newscasters to sample my cookies once the segment is finished!  I am really so excited, I can barely contain myself!!

And so this week I comb the interwebs for myself, making sure how I’m represented is accurate and honest.  I don’t care if I’m silly and goofy, because I definitely am both of those things and more, but because Single Girl Cookies is really its own living, breathing thing, and I’m just its representative, I owe it to my  supporters to practice what I preach; make sure that the actions I take are honest, thoughtful, heartfelt, and made with intention and integrity.  We all need that little check now and again, but Single Girl does that for me.  It’s made me live more open and honestly and I can truly say I’ve never been happier.  I’d say so far, I’m doing alright 🙂


Copyright 2013, Renee Heitmann



  1. Sammilamb · June 12, 2013

    Great post! Looking forward to seeing the broadcast, your Upstate peeps are loving what you are doing 🙂 Oh, and the pic reminds me of 4-H of which is how I first met you. Cheers to all you do and may God continue to Bless…..

  2. jay · June 13, 2013

    glad the segment worked out, and glad I stumbled on your blog. Best of luck! — Jay H.

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